Moose Chase cancelled, Triple Crown Series ended

JACKSON, Wyo. — Following news that the Town Downhill would be moved out of town to Teton Village, organizers of the ski race now say they are eliminating the Nordic aspect of what had made for a Triple Crown racing series.

Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club (JHSC) announced it will cancel the Moose Chase Nordic Ski Race, and the Triple Crown community race series, altogether. The changes are designed to increase resources for the club and place more emphasis on its core mission of serving 500 local student athletes.

During its annual retreat, JHSC’s Board of Directors and leadership team took a hard look at all of the club’s programs and community events. In order to advance the club, it became apparent to the board that new strategies were needed. The club’s leadership decided to restructure the community events to make it more efficient at raising funds to strengthen JHSC’s core programs while maintaining accessibility to its youth training programs.

The first major change consists of eliminating the series structure of the Triple Crown. The Triple Crown Series included JHSC’s three major community events: The Moose Chase Nordic Ski Race, The Town Downhill, and the Karen Oatey Pole Pedal Paddle. After careful review, it was apparent that combining these three events into a series did not contribute significantly to the fundraising, attendance, or quality of the events. The series structure required significant capacity and marketing to produce, but ultimately limited the return for each individual event rather than adding to it.

“The club’s goals are more focused than ever with everything we do being driven by our mission to support our student athletes,” said Nancy Leon, Board Vice President. “After careful consideration, we feel that hosting the community events separately instead of as a series will better align with the club’s mission and goals. This will also create more capacity to improve the events for our partners and supporters.”

Separating the three Triple Crown events was one thing, but it was further determined that the Moose Chase Nordic Ski Race was not meeting the goals of the club at all. The effort that went into making the Moose Chase a large, regional event did not fit well with the club’s venue at Trail Creek and ultimately was not benefiting the JHSC Nordic Program, according to the JHSC board. The club will pull the Moose Chase offline for 2020. They will have further discussions about the possibility of bringing back an improved community Nordic event in the future.

JHSC announced in late September 2019 that the Town Downhill will be moving to the speed venue in Teton Village and hosted by Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. The race has been rebranded as the “Jackson Hole Downhill” (JHDH) and expanded to include three full days of training and racing.

The third event—the Karen Oatey Pole Pedal Paddle (PPP)—will see little change in its event structure. The PPP date has been pushed back two weeks from its traditional weekend to take place on April 4, 2020. This later date will provide an opportunity for better conditions for both the race and competitors.

“We’re tasked with taking everything we do to the next level, and that requires change,” said Brian Krill, Executive Director of the JHSC. “Our focus is to improve our current community events by streamlining their execution and leveraging more resources to make our programs better and more accessible at the same time.”

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