Mindful in the mountains

JACKSON, WY— Skiing is a physical sport, of course. But the magic of it, and the beauty of the mountains in which you do it, fosters a strength of mind, as well.

Join Jackson Hole Mountain Resort for a weekend of skiing, snowboarding, and mindfulness. The Mindful Ski & Snowboard Camp, from January 31 to February 3, offers a fresh approach to JHMR’s legendary Jackson Hole camps. Mindful Camp embraces mind, body, soul and nature on and off the slopes.

“This camp will take the spirit of Jackson Hole to a new level as participants reach new heights in their skiing/riding, while discovering a deeper connection with themselves, the mountains and the present moment; something that will stay with them forever, and truly, a gift that keeps on giving,” said Jan Hoath, Mindful Ski and Snowboard Camp Facilitator.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort celebrates the magic of skiing and riding, the mountains, and the community every day. This new camp offers a fresh approach to the skiing experience. Discover the power and pleasure of mindfulness in the mountains. The inclusive approach will engage those ready for an immersive, innovated and inspiring holiday. You’ll leave with enhanced skiing/riding abilities and renewed energy, sense of self, and connection to community and nature. The camp is perfect for intermediate to advanced skiers ready to grow their mindfulness practice in one of the most magical places on earth.


Meet the Leaders

Joan Hoath, Mindfulness Camp Facilitator 

Jan Hoath’s life path has been guided by helping people and skiing. Her personal journey into mindfulness began over 25 years ago as a teenager. Depressed, she discovered a book by Jon Kabot-Zinn about meditation and never looked back. Graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Jan studied anthropology, spiritual psychology, and international studies. Following college, Jan found herself in Aspen where she earned her Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) Level III certification.

She took her education and on-mountain coaching to develop a personal business, and for the last 10 years Jan has been teaching, coaching and guiding hundreds of individuals into greater mindfulness and ultimately true happiness through a propriety process, she calls The Happiness Prism ™. Currently, Jan lives happily in Jackson Hole with her husband and two young children.

Jan has extensive experience working with people in groups, private coaching programs, workshops, seminars, retreats and beyond. She brings to the new Jackson Hole Mindful Camp vibrancy, innovativeness, and expertise to masterfully bring to life the magical experience of skiing in a state of full mindful flow.

Susan Bauer-Wu, Guest Contributor 

Susan Bauer-Wu is the President of the Mind & Life Institute, a non-profit organization with global reach dedicated to promoting human flourishing through the integration of research with contemplative wisdom traditions and practices. Susan completed mindfulness based stress reduction teacher training 20 years ago, and since then has been practicing, teaching and studying mindfulness and compassion meditation and leading retreats and workshops. She began her career as a registered nurse followed by doctoral and post-doctoral training in psychoneuroimmunology and psycho-oncology. Susan is the author of the book, Leaves Falling Gently: Living Fully with Serious & Life-Limiting Illness through Mindfulness, Compassion & Connectedness.

Mark T Bertolini, Guest Contributor 

Mark T. Bertolini is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Aetna, a Fortune 50 health care benefits company, and a Board Member of the Mind & Life Institute. Mark is an advocate for Mindfulness both personally and professionally. Known globally for utilizing mindfulness practices, Mark overcame two life altering circumstances. One in which his son miraculously recovered from a life threatening disease and his own miracle rehabilitation from a near death ski accident. Mark went on to apply these unique experiences with mindful practices to the well being of his company, integrating mindfulness based wellness programs to cultivate a revitalized workforce.

Mark engages in his mindfulness practices daily and continues to enjoy skiing as one of his life pleasures despite his near tragic experience.

Sasha Dingle, Guest Contributor

Sasha is a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teacher qualified by the UC San Diego School of Medicine Mindfulness-Based Professional Training Institute, a faculty member of the Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certification and a trained mPEAK coach. A Fulbright Fellow, Sasha has facilitated group process and mindfulness training in the areas of leadership development, human resources, healthcare, education, and sports mental fitness. She is the founder of Mountain Mind Project, based out of Jackson Hole, which provides therapeutic and performance mindfulness-based programs to adults and youth.

Sasha considers her background as a competitive athlete to be her “doorway” into her own mental skills training and mindfulness practice. Sasha was a competitor on the Freeride World Tour, Freeskiing World Tour, and Alpine Ski Racing NORAM circuit. Time spent on skis and outside in the mountains has always been her creative medium to better understand and connect to herself, those around her, and the world.

Connie Kemmerer 

Connie Kemmerer has been the owner of the JHMR with her brother for 26 years. She moved here from Sun Valley, Idaho where she raised her children. She feels privileged to have been able to experience many difference life pursuits: as an anthropologist, teacher, athlete, artists, neuromuscular massage therapist, childbirth instructor, resort owner and a designer. She started the Teton Wellness Institute and Wellness Department at the St. John’s Medical Center.

Five years ago she organized a Mindful Ski Camp that was before its time and Connie is excited to see it return under that facilitation and redesign of Jan Hoath. The camp will use many of the JHMR ski instructors who were part of the first camp and have continued to utilize mindfulness in their teaching styles. There will also be impressive guest contributors: Susan Bauer Wu and Mark Bertelini.

Connie has been a meditator for 45 years, and was a founder of Light on the Mountains Spiritual Center in Idaho over 30 years ago. Her current passions are skiing, being on the JHMR team, and supporting organizations such as Mind and Life and the Center for Healthy Minds, that promote neuroscience research, contemplative studies and wellness.


Community Partner:

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has the longest continuous vertical rise of any ski area in the US, rising 4,139 feet from the valley floor to the top of Rendezvous Mountain!

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