Mike Piggott’s digital drawings up at ArtSpot

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – The ArtSpot just went fresh with work from artist Mike Piggott.

According to Jackson Hole Public Art, a pair of quintessential Piggott digital drawings—previously seen only on his Instagram account (mpiggott22)—are now up and showing at the popular public art spot at 660 W. Broadway.

Mike Piggott is a local artist who shows at the Tayloe Piggott Gallery in Jackson. He is known for his quite still life paintings of everyday objects and his explorations of interior settings and fleeting moments captured in the landscape.

The artist submitted one image of a fish in a jar and a classic Grand Teton National Park landscape both drawn on his iPhone. The original drawings are about 2×4” but because they are digital, they could be sized up for display on the 6×10’ ArtSpot.

Stinky Prints proudly sponsored the printing for this ArtSpot installation. In addition to providing high-quality proofs and large-scale banner printing they also helped resize Mike’s digital files.

David Hockney was the first artist whose digital drawings inspired Piggott. When Piggott he tried it himself he found the technology to be accessible and fun, especially if he didn’t have his painting kit with him. Piggott found he could recreate both wet- and dry-brush techniques using the iPhone to generate marks that represent actual physical effects of traditional painting like, “moving a finger full of paint across a glass surface or dragging a sponge across a carpet.”

Piggott is a colorist who often paints the same subject repeatedly in order to explore the technical aspects of value and color. The viewer may initially recognize the subjects of his paintings but upon closer exploration, Piggott’s use of color pushes the viewer to develop their own emotional response.

There are no titles for his work on the ArtSpot. According to Piggott, the titles are what you get when you look at it.

“The world is very visual, when stuff gets labeled too much it’s a turn-off. You get to come up with your own recipe for naming these paintings,” the artist said.

Piggiott’s next show is this November at the Virginian Hotel in Lynchburg, Virginia; followed by a show at Tayloe Piggott this spring. In June of 2019, he will show at Art Academy in Lynchburg, Virginia.

The ArtSpot is funded in part with a grant from the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole.

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