Midway: 2019 General Session reaches bill crossover period

WYOMING – After convening Jan. 8, the Wyoming Legislature has reached the midway point for the 2019 General Session. Wednesday marked crossover period for the body, meaning it was the last day for third reading in the house of origin.

At the start of the session, a total of 503 bills and resolutions were numbered for introduction. With three weeks remaining in this year’s session, 282 bills remain active. The Senate introduced 175 pieces of legislation and 115 of those bills have moved to the House for consideration. Four Senate Files remain active in the house of origin.

The House introduced 296 bills and passed 167 bills on to the Senate for deliberation. Seventy-three percent of committee bills numbered for introduction passed the house of origin, while 50 percent of individually sponsored bills moved on for further consideration.

Both the Senate and House have addressed a broad range of issues affecting Wyoming residents and now the second house will get a chance to make changes and pass or vote down those bills sent from the house of origin. Although these bills have passed in their primary house, the legislation still must gain approval of the second house and be sent to the Governor for consideration before becoming state law.

In addition to the bills currently being considered, legislators are also continuing work on the State’s 2019-2020 supplemental budget. The bodies will spend the coming weeks reconciling the differences between the final Senate and House versions of the budget bill through a joint conference committee. After each Chamber votes to concur on the conference committee’s action, the bill will be sent to the Governor for his consideration.

Pursuant to the 2019 legislative schedule adopted by Management Council, Feb. 20 will be the last day for bills to be reported out of committee in the second house and Feb. 21 will mark the last day for Committee of the Whole on bills in the second house. Feb. 25 will be the last day for third reading on bills in the second house. Lawmakers will not convene on Feb. 18 and expect to wrap up the 2019 General Session by Feb. 27.

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