CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Wyoming’s Secretary of State approved the first 100 signatures for two marijuana bills, which brings them one step closer to the 2022 ballot, the National Libertarian Party announced Wednesday.

The bills would legalize medical marijuana and decriminalize recreational marijuana. Supporters can now officially start collecting more signatures to put the measures on the ballot.

“This effort, at its core, is about one simple thing — extending to the people of Wyoming the same basic rights that are already enjoyed by so many others to make these important choices or themselves,” Libertarian Party executive director Tyler Harris said in a press release.

Wyoming is one of 12 states left in the country where marijuana is fully illegal. It is fully legal in 18 states and medically legal in 37 states. Other states have decriminalized it.

Wyoming has tried — and failed — to legalize marijuana before, but appetites for legal cannabis are changing. More than half of Wyoming residents have said they support its legalization, compared to 37% in 2014.

Wyoming statue requires 41,776 signatures for a measure to make it onto the ballot.
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