Manuary 19, 2018

The snow has finally made it’s way to town and there’s more on the way.  Jackson has some of the best snowpack in the Rockies.  This means that it’s full-on Manuary.  Not to be confused with Movember, the month of mustaches.

Manuary is the month when dudes make their annual pilgrimage to Jackson.  This migration pattern is similar to all other tourist months, it’s just skewed a bit because there tend to be more male tourists vs. female tourists in town.  You know it’s Manuary when men outnumber women in local hot tubs or hot springs.  These guys travel in herds.  They love live music, skiing for 25 minutes, and donating to our local shake-a-day’s around town.

Keep up the good work.  Continue being affable and business-friendly to these jolly travelers because they are the reason why you get a full month off in the off-season.

Speaking of business-friendly, the Mountain Modern Motel does a great job of keeping all tourists and travelers happy and comfortable.  Mountain Modern has great room rates starting at $109 a night.  Take advantage of this amazing rate or stop by the lobby for an excellent coffee and breakfast.

Mountain Modern Motel Reservations   |   307.733.4340

380 W Broadway
Jackson, WY 83001

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