Mamma Mia, this kid’s got game

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Admittedly, we knew this kid was going places a year ago.

Mia Fishman, now 14, penned a dramatic piece for her 7th grade class assignment in 2017. Buckrail posted Fishman’s dissertation on Jackson’s housing crisis, mesmerized by her opening describing how she and her mom changed residences five times before she turned 10.

While many kids are excited at the new prospects of a move, Fishman described how the experience had become a nightmare she dreaded.

“Usually nine-year-olds don’t get the reality of moving. They just see it as another house, new surroundings. Not me,” Fishman began that piece.

It is this young writer’s ability to express herself clearly, in a way that moves readers, that signals to us she is someone with a lot to say.

Fishman also happens to be interested in sports. She says she might want to be a trainer or work in the sports medicine field. The perfect combination is where the Jackson Hole Middle Schooler seems to have landed recently. We were thrilled but not surprised to see Fishman’s two recent stories for Sports Illustrated Kids.

Her first nationally published piece featured local kids competing in the local rodeo. It was followed up today by a profile on superstar swimmer Jessica Long, the second-most decorated US Paralympic athlete ever.

Count us impressed. Both by her talent and the fact that she’s written two sports stories now and neither has mentioned the Georgia Bulldogs (dad’s alma mater).

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