The Jackson Hole Wine Club makes discovering new wines as easy as can be. Photo: Jackson Hole Wine Club

JACKSON, Wyo. — “The Jackson Hole Wine Club has been such a fun experience each month. It makes it super easy and cost-effective to explore a variety of wines I wouldn’t try otherwise.” says Jackson Hole Wine Club member, Kelsey Brehm. Choosing wine can be hard. With so many options on the shelves, many people stick to what they know, that same red or white wine they tried a few months ago or even years ago.

But rest assured, the Jackson Hole Wine Club is here to help. The Wine Club’s website makes discovering new wines as easy as can be. Simply create an account, choose your wine preference and curbside pickup or delivery. They will take care of the rest.

Photo: Jackson Hole Wine Club

The Jackson Hole Wine Club’s Certified Wine Specialist, Kevin McNamara, hand selects four bottles of wine each month, which he describes as, “beyond the grocery store set of wines. McNamara explained how he makes the selections, “I’ve been working in the wine business for 15 years, I try to include wines from those experiences.” For $50 per month, customers receive four bottles of either red, white, or two bottles of each. “Natural in style, organic, low intervention, environmentally friendly, those are the kinds of things I look for when I’m choosing wines,” says McNamara.

For Jackson Hole Wine Club members, there are multiple aspects that make the membership worth it.

“I love the descriptions that come with each bottle and my husband and I have had fun pairing the selections with the meals we cook. The in-town delivery is the icing on top of the cake making it so convenient” said Kelsey Brehm.

JH Wine Club Member Kay Krouskup, explained how the $50 membership value goes a long way.

Photo: Jackson Hole Wine Club

“My husband and I are huge fans of the Jackson Hole Wine Club! Kevin’s selections are outstanding and introduce us to new favorites. The pricing can’t be ignored  – outstanding value!  I must add that Kevin has great patience! No matter the question or request, he responded with helpful enthusiasm and I have had more than one! Whenever we tell our friends they are surprised and interested! “

Not only is the value behind a membership a drawing point, but as a part of the club, members are able to expand their palettes and horizons.

“I am really enjoying the wine club. The selections have all been great and you have chosen wines I was unfamiliar with. It has expanded my horizons beyond the same wines I always bought before joining the club,” said Jerry Bilek, JH Wine Club Member.

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