JACKSON, Wyo. — Autumn weather is creeping into the valley, and there’s nothing like a hot beverage to help with chilly temperatures. A Jackson-based nonprofit is hoping to use pumpkin spice latte season to its advantage.

When a customer purchases a pumpkin spice latte from Snake River Roasting Co. in Jackson, Atelier Coffee in Victor or Rise Coffee House in Driggs, a portion of proceeds will be donated to People Spread Love (PSL).

PSL is a nationwide network of volunteers who spread positivity to community members in need of extra kindness. Campaigns have included letter-writing events, free hug distribution, empathy programming for classrooms and more. Its website features a list of community members who are requesting support, and volunteers are encouraged to write handwritten notes to “spread love” to these individuals.

PSL Founder Heather DeVine told Buckrail that the organization’s mission statement emphasizes love, inclusion, kindness, compassion and opportunities to be empathetic together, especially in community spaces that are “heart-centered.”

“Nowadays we’re really missing that human connection,” DeVine said.

In its announcement of the latte campaign, PSL shared statistics from the Center for Disease Control that illustrate the wide spread of loneliness.

“There has been a 50% increase in social isolation since 2021,” PSL said. “Also a 57% increase in overall sadness and hopelessness in young people since 2021. The community can join a unified effort to spread love, kindness and support with People Spread Love. By coming together and participating in these initiatives, the community can collectively combat social loneliness and create a more connected and supportive environment for everyone.”

DeVine said that practicing active kindness becomes natural with practice.

“It’s a muscle that needs to be worked out, like going to the gym,” DeVine said.

The campaign began on Sept. 15 and will run for the duration of prime pumpkin season, ending Dec. 1.

Those who order a pumpkin spice latte from participating coffee shops will receive a sticker that plays on the shared acronyms for pumpkin spice lattes and People Spread Love.

Photo: Heather DeVine

Marianne is a Community News Reporter interested in community, entertainment and eccentric locals. She hails from California and loves podcast recommendations.