Local kickstarter meets its goal, messy bun-wearers rejoice

JACKSON, WY— It’s a struggle to which anyone with long hair can relate: you go outside, throw your hair in a messy bun (arguably the easiest style to wear), and try to put on your favorite trucker hat… and it doesn’t fit.

Such was Stacie Tunison’s experience in the Wind River Range one fateful day in 2015. She was headed toward Cirque of the Towers and had to choose: keep her messy bun, or wear trucker hat?

She chose both. She took a knife to the back of her trucker hat and cut a hole big enough for her bun to fit. Then she got home and did the same to the entirety of her tucker hat collection.

Fast forward three years: as of Monday, June 25, her business endeavor reached its Kickstarter goal, and Truckette Hat Co. is officially in business. After her clandestine Wind River trip, Tunison figured out how to manufacture hats that fit messy buns without having to operate on the ones she already had. And everyone loved them—women frequently stopped her in the streets or on the trails to ask her where she got her hat.

It’s hardly surprising—trucker hats are a staple of Jackson fashion, but for many women and people with long hair, they require a little extra fuss.

Each of Tunison’s Truckette hats is lined with hand-dyed lace that Tunison sewed herself in a storage unit. “Seriously … Stacie sits in a storage unit and cuts, sews, prints, boxes and ships Truckettes so that every chica in the world can snag a Truckette,” Tunison’s Kickstarter page says. The front of each hat boasts playful prints, local art, and certain universal truths like “I <3 [heart] tacos.”

Truckette’s Kickstarter have met their goal, but the more money they make, the more hats they can produce. Funds are going toward manufacturing hats and paying for the patent. Check out their Kickstarter video to see the Truckette in action and in all its glory.

Truckette is “more than a company,” Tunison said in a press release. “It’s a movement of outdoor girls that want to get after it, hair up, outta the way … because they have things to do, and their hair is the last thing on their mind.”

It’s more than a company, it’s a movement of outdoor girls that want to get after it, hair up, outta the way…because they have things to do and their hair is the last thing on their mind.


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