WILSON, Wyo. — NEST Jackson Hole, located in the Aspens shopping plaza, is currently showcasing the artwork of several emerging local female artists.

The exhibition kicked off last Thursday, Dec. 8 with drinks, hors d’oeuvres and the artists themselves in attendance and will go until Jan. 31 during NEST’s regular business hours from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Presented by ON MERIT Creative Agency, locals can see artwork by Cori Patrick, Brooke Einbender, Anna Douglas, Natalie Schorr, Presley Goode and Avery Fleeman.

Owner and operator of ON MERIT Creative Agency hangs the art of local artist Cori Patrick. Photo: Toby Koekkoek

Cori Patrick

Patrick explores the relationship between humans and nature in her college work. Patrick often sources the imagery and text used in her work from local magazines, and plant and outdoor publications to keep the work rooted in natural themes. When not collaging she creates linocut prints and watercolor landscapes. Cori received a bachelor’s degree in editing and graphic design from the University of North Carolina and currently lives in Jackson.

Image: ON MERIT Creative Agency

Anna Douglas

Douglas uses painting and drawing to combine archetypes that belong to the manufactured world of transportation and infrastructure ( cars, highways, street signs, cars. etc.) with images of things that are more native and organic, like flora and fauna. Douglas received a bachelor’s degree in studio art and art history from the University of the South and currently resides in Jackson.

Image: On MERIT Creative Agency

Avery Fleeman

Fleeman likes to balance various chemical reactions and balance precision and geometry in her works. She creates her own rendered dyes from foraged materials and reacts those dyes with various household materials to yield an unexpected color palette and rust-like texture. Avery’s background in chemistry has provided her with the knowledge to know what combinations of chemicals can help pull off interesting results. Avery received a bachelor’s degree in studio art from Davidson University and also currently resides in Jackson.

Image: ON MERIT Creative Agency

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