Rep. Liz Cheney speaks to press from lockdown

WASHINGTON, D.C — Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) spoke to various news sources (Fox News, NBC News) via phone following the siege of the U.S Capitol by pro-Trump protestors. Cheney explained that she was on the floor of the House of Representatives when she was evacuated.

Cheney referred to the pro-Trump protestors as a “mob” and discussed Trump’s role in instigating the situation today. “There is no question that the President formed the mob, the President incited the mob, the President addressed the mob. He lit the flame. This is what America is not. It has just been absolutely intolerable and unacceptable. The mob will not prevail,” said Rep. Cheney.

President Trump posted a video on Twitter of himself telling his supporters that they, “have to go home now” but also spoke about how the election was “fraudulent” and “stolen”. He said, “go home, we love you.”

Cheney also responded to NBC News in regards to the video saying that the President’s response was inadequate. “It’s been 245 years and no president has ever failed to concede or leave office after the Electoral College has voted. I think what we are seeing today is a result of that, a result of convincing people that somehow, Congress was going to overturn the result of this election, a result of suggesting he wouldn’t leave office. Those are very, very dangerous things.”

“We don’t bend to mob rule. We don’t bend to political threats. There comes a time when our elections are over and we have to carry out our constitutional duties, and that’s the moment we have arrived at now,” said Cheney.

Trump has attacked Cheney in the past for not supporting his campaign to have the 2020 election overturned on the basis of unfounded election fraud.

“What happened today can never happen in the United States, and the President needs to take responsibility for it,” she said but added that bipartisan leadership is strong.



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