Legacy Lodge, once an assisted living facility, could help house the local workforce. Photo: David J Swift

JACKSON, Wyo. — On Feb. 28, Teton County staff recommended an approval for a zoning request by Stagestop Inc. at Legacy Lodge. The request would allow Stagestop to offer a considerable number of Studio, 1- and 2-bedroom apartments, restricted to serve the local workforce.

In response to the up-zoning request by Stagestop Inc., Rafter J residents have questioned how additional density associated with workforce housing would affect vehicle congestion, neighborhood safety, and overall quality of life.

“We hired independent traffic consultants to gain a real understand of the impacts to residents attempting to get onto Hwy 89 from Rafter J,” said Hal Hutchinson, Strategic Planner representing Stagestop Inc. “What the study revealed is that vehicle use associated with potential additional residents at Legacy Lodge would have less of a traffic impact than other by right business ventures allowed by the current zoning.”

While conversations swirl around the future of the Lodge, local housing for workers continues to have a sweeping and negative impact on both the public and private sectors.

“We have raised our wages significantly, but that has not translated into people being able to find a place to live in Jackson, said Bud Chatham, owner of Dave Hansen Whitewater, Snake River RV and Cabin Village. “Instead, we are simply paying employees more to work through the inconvenience of commuting to our community or, in the summer, choosing to live in their car.”

The next meeting with Stagestop Inc. will take place in Teton County Chamber in front of the Board of County Commissioners on March 14.

“The public process has refined and improved our initial request,” said Sadek Darwiche, President of Stagestop Inc. and General Manager of Hotel Jackson. “We have every intention of mitigating the effects on people and place and we are committed to ensuring that Legacy Lodge can be used as community asset.”

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