Late commuter bus back to Teton Valley scrubbed tonight

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Due to the closure of Teton Pass this morning, the final Teton Valley commuter START bus was unable to make it to Jackson. Therefore the 7:30pm return trip to Teton Valley for Friday, March 1 has been cancelled.

There are three Teton Valley commuter buses scheduled to depart Jackson at 3:45pm, 5:05pm and 6:00pm, respectively.

Currently Teton Pass is closed and the estimated opening time is unknown. If the pass is not open in time for the return trips tonight then the Teton Valley commuter buses will use an alternative route through the Snake River Canyon, Swan Valley and over Pine Creek Pass to access Teton Valley instead of driving over Teton Pass. If the pass is opened for traffic in time then the Teton Valley commuter buses will utilize the Teton Pass for the return trips.

START is in communication with WYDOT regarding this situation.

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