Last chance to ‘Engage’ on community direction

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Where will we live? Where will we park? And how do we do our thing without messing this place up for wildlife?

These are the weightiest questions of the day facing a community that cares like no other in these United States. Town and county leaders are getting down to the wire on wrapping up the public comment portion of Engage 2017: Housing, Parking, and Natural Resource Updates.

Today and tomorrow are the final days to stay engaged if you’ve already been, or get your two cents in while you still can.

  • Wednesday, November 8, 6-8:30pm at Snow King Grand View Lodge.
    Town Zoning & Parking Updates.
  • Thursday, November 9, 6-8:30pm at Snow King Grand View Lodge.
    Natural Resource Protections Update.

Can’t make it? Comment online by taking these online surveys: Town Zoning & Parking or Natural Resource Protections Update.

The process began last spring as an effort to get a real-time snapshot of where this community is with implementing the 2012 Comp Plan and where we still need to go. Engage 2017 is comprised of five interrelated projects.

The Big Five

  • Update Town Zoning (outside the Downtown). The purpose of this project is to update zoning in the residential and highway-commercial areas of Town to reflect the desired future character described in the 2012 Comprehensive Plan.
  • Town Parking Study (outside the Downtown). The purpose of this project is to evaluate parking alternatives that enable the desired intensity of land use and transit described in the Comprehensive Plan and 2015 Integrated Transportation Plan.
  • Natural Resource Protection Regulations Update. The purpose of this project is to update the environmental assessment process and regulations for protection of wildlife habitat and other natural resources in the community.
  • Housing LDR Requirements Update. The purpose of this project is to update the community’s requirements that new development provide affordable housing to mitigate the need for such housing generated by the development. The policy basis for these regulations needs to be updated to reflect the Comprehensive Plan and 2015 Housing Action Plan; as does the data justifying the requirements.
  • Housing Rules and Regulations Update. The purpose of this project is to update the rules and regulations that govern the design, occupancy, and transfer of deed restricted housing units managed by the Jackson/Teton County Housing Department.

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