Landslide in the Greys buckles the road, snowmobiler crashes on it


UPDATE (February 14, 11:33am): 

The Greys River Ranger District of the Bridger-Teton National Forest has implemented a temporary closure order for a portion of the Greys River Road near Alpine, Wyoming due to a large landslide that has compromised the road.

The closed portion of the Forest Service Road 10138 is 17-miles from the parking lot in Alpine, Wyoming. The slide path and the surrounding area remain highly unstable. Porcupine Creek Road remains unaffected by the landslide and is open to the public. Forest employees are working on establishing a possible reroute around the slide which could allow for passage beyond the buckling roadway. Because this is still an active slide and the earth and mud are still moving, there is no estimate as to when this landslide can be removed from the road or any meaningful repair work initiated.

Several emergency vehicles were seen buzzing the Alpine area yesterday afternoon as reports of a landslide crackled over radios. An injured snowmobiler was airlifted out of the Greys River with head and neck lacerations but his condition is unknown at this time.

Someone studying the large crack in Greys River Road. (Mike Oltman, USFS)

It turns out the landslide and the snowmachine wreck were unrelated incidents. Sort of.

A major landslide in the Greys River drainage has prompted the Forest Service to consider closing the road today. According to Mary Cernicek with the Brider-Teton NF, the slide occurred at mile marker 17 on Forest Road 10138 (Greys River Road) near the junction with Porcupine Creek Road.

Landslide is 17 miles in on Greys River Road near Porcupine Creek. (Mike Oltman, USFS)

Officials believe the slide began on February 10. Forest Service personnel monitoring the event yesterday noticed it move more than 20 feet over the course of the day. The slide has taken out a portion of the road itself and is still being considered highly unstable.

Cindy Haberberger at the Box Y Ranch a few miles south of the incident said the top of a nearby ridge gave way and the resulting mass of earth has buckled the road and created some deep fissures.

As far as the snowmobiling accident yesterday afternoon, it seems one sledder was injured trying to jump the crack. It didn’t work out so well.

The area is popular with snowmobilers this time of year.

Area of slide represented by orange star.

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