Lander artist partners with award-winning filmmaking team

WYOMING — You may recognize his work from Jackson Hole Still Work’s 2018 vodka label.

Lander artist Nick Thornburg won the 2018 Spirit of Wyoming contest with an original piece called “The Wild.” His next endeavor? An original piece of art for a new independent film called “All Gone Wrong.”

“Though I work as a fine artist, my education and background is in film production, so it’s great to get back to my roots with this project,” Thornburg said in a press release.

The film is slated to begin principal photography in June. Filmmakers are running a campaign on Kickstarter right now to get started, and a certain tier of Kickstarter donors will get numbered prints from a limited series of archival-quality reproductions of Thornburg’s piece.

“All Gone Wrong” will be produced by an award-winning producers Frank Merle and Michael Kennedy, and led by writer and director Josh Guffey. It’s a cop/crime thriller about a veteran undercover police officer who tries to uncover “pervasive corruption and an insidious drug network in a rural town after his rookie partner is killed in a suspicious operation,” the press release said.

Thornburg’s “Spirit of Wyoming” winning piece “The Wild.” Photo: Jackson Hole Still Works

“Josh and I were colleagues in a previous life and I’ve known about the project and watched it develop for a while. He’s put an incredible amount of effort fine-tuning the script and gathering his team,” Thornburg said. “I wanted to be a part of it not only because the script is fascinating and well-written, but because the themes of the story parallel the work I focus on as an artist.”

Thornburg told Buckrail that he’s still largely in the conceptual phases of his piece, but he’s excited about the vision and direction he has from the filmmakers. “I read the script in pretty good detail with the director, talked a lot about thematic elements, and went through and kind of locked down visual motifs and things that would really stand out.”

The artist describes his style as “a blend between realist and representational.” He takes elements of more classical styles and combines them with a little experimentation — in brushwork, texture, depth, movement, etc. His piece for the film will follow suit.

The film’s Kickstarter campaign will run through May 2. Check out the campaign page for more info and a film trailer.

Thornburg is excited to help bring Guffey’s vision to life. “The film reflects the complexity and nuance of knowing who it is we are and who others are,” Thornburg said. “It mirrors the imprecise and difficult nature of understanding what it is that really drives and motivates others and the conflicts that arise when we take appearance or superficiality at face value. As an artist, that is precisely the type of thing I’m most interested in exploring.”

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