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JACKSON, Wyo. — The Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club (JHSC) has been building champions in both sport and life since 1938. Inspired by all of the champions in our community doing their part to keep one-another safe, JHSC recently launched a new video series called #JHSCchampions.

The video series features the champions on their staff sharing tips, tricks, and ideas to make quarantine a little more interesting and comfortable for everyone. They have released a handful of videos with more to come in the following weeks. The videos range from informative and helpful, to fun and funny. All videos share great ideas on how to pass the time while at home. Here are a few of the videos they’ve released so far:

EPISODE 1: Alpine Program Director, Branko Zagar teaches phrases from his native language of Slovenian.

EPISODE 2: Student Athlete Support Director, Ashley Babcock shares wellness tips to stay healthy and sane.

EPISODE 3: Chief Marketing Officer, Jeff Moran shows how to make free, no-sew face masks.

EPISODE 4: Backcountry Program Director, Blake Votilla teaches how to quickly transition into, and out of your skins.

The #JHSCchampions videos will be released on JHSC’s Facebook page and will live on their YouTube channel. Subscribe to their channel so you don’t miss any future releases. Make sure to click the little bell icon to be notified when a new video is released.