JHHS students to help raise money to mark Davey Jackson’s grave

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Students of Jackson Hole High School are endeavoring on a project to bring a bit more posthumous notoriety to the legendary Davey Jackson.

Jackson Hole derives its name from the famous pioneer explorer who trapped in our valley often enough in the late 1820s, that other mountain men had simply begun referring to the area as “Jackson’s Hole.”

Jackson exploits were cut short, however, when he was taken with ill health. He returned to civilization in Paris, Tennessee to put his affairs in order. He contracted typhoid fever and died on December 24, 1837 at the age of 49. He was buried in an unmarked grave by sympathetic Masons.

Paris Cemetary (Unmarked Grave)

He deserves better, thought students at the high school.

“Our students are excited to help raise awareness of the Davey Jackson legacy and that of Jackson’s Hole,” said Gary Duquette, head coach of the JH RoboBroncs. “They will be able to tell their children they were here when we as a community came together to do this. It should be a special night.”

The night will be Friday, February 22 at the Elks Lodge. Elks, JH Masons, and Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) will hold a fundraising dinner at 6pm for $15 plate, followed at 7pm by the JH RoboBroncs Robotics Team #3374 conducting a live dessert auction. Desserts are still accepted, but several have already been offered by DAR ladies, Cowbelles, Elks, Masons, students and professionals. Lockhart Cattle has donated the beef for an old-fashioned Shepherd’s Pie meal.

Funds will be used by the local Davey Jackson Chapter, NSDAR, Historic Preservation Fund to place a Memorial Stone on David Edward Jackson’s grave in Old City Cemetery in Paris, Tennessee. A bronze plaque will also be dedicated at the cemetery in his honor, which will promote the history of Jackson’s Hole. Additional funds to be used for a sister plaque to be placed in Jackson, Wyo.

Big shout out to the project’s Tennessee partners: Henry County Cemetery Restoration Committee; David Webb, Henry County Historian; the State of Tennessee; and the John Babb Chapter, NSDAR. Special thanks to Jackson Hole Historical Society and Lockhart Beef.

For more information please contact Davey Jackson Chapter Regent Elizabeth Hammond Carlson, at (307) 690-5714. To donate a homemade desert, please contact Davey Jackson Chapter Vice-Regent Lorrie White, at (307) 203-9046.

Can’t attend? You may send a donation to “Mark the Grave,” Davey Jackson Chapter, NSDAR, PO Box 10372, Jackson, WY, 83002

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