JH Twin Cinemas, MovieWorks lay out the red carpet for movie-goers

JACKSON HOLE, WYO — Online movie package options like Netflix, massive home theaters with surround-sound, and the comfort of your own couch. There are myriad reasons to prepare a funeral for the local cinema house.

And many movie theaters haven’t exactly done themselves any favors, either, shrinking screens, cramming in seating, and building paper-thin walls between shopping mall multiplexes. Unless you are a theater owner big and backed enough to go, say, full IMAX, you are praying Hollywood keeps making hits and the popcorn doesn’t run out.

But don’t cue the closing credits quite yet for the magical movie house. Across this great nation, they are fighting to take back your weekend or a rainy-day afternoon matinee.

Luxury seating including comfy reclining chairs that rival anything in your living room have replaced the worn-out classic velvet red theater seat. Online ticket purchasing, reserved seating, better picture and sound, and gourmet food options are now par for the course at better theaters everywhere.

Everywhere but here, that is. Because Jackson, well, is not exactly Santa Barbara.

Jackson Hole Twin Cinema. (Courtesy Movie Machine Cinemas)

But wait. This is no blooper reel. This is a blockbuster announcement!

The Movie Machine Cinemas, operators of The Jackson Hole Twin Cinema and The MovieWorks Cinema, are nearing completion of phase one of a multi-phase renovation of Jackson’s two movie theatres.

The first phase includes the installation of Luxury Electric Reclining Chairs in all six auditoriums. The new luxury recliners are electric-powered, plush, oversized lounge chairs with footrests and cup holders on upholstered and extra wide armrests. These reclining seats, coupled with a state-of-the-art Digital Cinema Presentation System, will provide the Jackson movie-goer with the finest movie theatre experience available in 2019.

Capacity has been sacrificed in order to accommodate the new over-sized seats. It will mean a more intimate experience…and less coughing.

Owner Frank Londy said, “Quality of the movie experience will be emphasized over the quantity of tickets sold.”

Phase one also brings the convenience of online ticket purchasing and seat reservations. No more fighting in the dark with the kids to find for four seats together as the movie begins and everyone’s shushing. No more finding the movie you were dying to see is sold out and settling for another Nicolas Cage action remake.

Knowing your seat is empty and waiting for you, and knowing where that seat is will facilitate the movie-going experience and make it a no-hassle, peace of mind experience. Your seat is there for you when you get there. No more worry about running late, long lines, traffic jams, or sell-outs. More time to buy popcorn!

The Movie Machine has been the community’s local-owned, locally-operated hometown movie theatre since 1977.

“We have always tried to give you the best movies in the best theatre environment we could provide. We believe our latest improvement will be one of the most dramatic changes ever implemented to enhance your movie going experience,” Londy added.

So, get ready to look out the “Rear Window” at the old movie experience that is “Gone with the Wind.” It might look like an “Apocalypse Now” until renovations are complete, but “Once Upon a Time in the West” six little movie theaters met “Modern Times” and now “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

The theaters should be coming back online as June approaches, with the Twin reopening first. Future improvements may include expanded snack and food menu options, according to Londy.

“This is not business as usual, it is a whole different movie experience and you’re going to love it,” Londy promised.

MovieWorks, a theater so great they named the plaza after it. (Courtesy Movie Machine Cinemas)

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