JH Babe Force announces 2018-19 scholarship recipients

JACKSON HOLE, WYO –An overwhelming number of applicants for Jackson Hole Babe Force’s 2018-19 scholarship program thrilled organizers and made selection ever more challenging.

Passionate and inspiring stories ruled the day, according to the JHBF leadership team as they sifted through this year’s applicants.

Here is a list of everyone that received a scholarship:

Progression Session 1 (Avalanche 1 Course): 

  1. Renee Knutson

    Jackson Hole Babe Force provides support for women to seek adventure in the mountains. (JHBF)
  2. Stephanie Baker
  3. Cheyenne Syvertson
  4. Alicia Alfaro
  5. Kellie Walsh
  6. Lillie Lauterbach
  7. Avery Bedford
  8. Maggie Gabruk
  9. Lori Solem
  10. Whitney Wright
  11. Stefanie Walters
  12. Elizabeth Wagner
  13. Haley Mahar
  14. Kaylee Litle
  15. Katie Raitz
  16. Phoebe Coburn
  17. Kaylee Pickett
  18. Gwynne Carpenter
  19. Elizabeth Schultz
  20. Kaitlyn Osborne
  21. Sarah Ross
  22. Carter Cox
  23. Sylvia Stellmacher
  24. Shannon Sollitt

Progression Session II (Advanced Avalanche Eduation):

  1. Betsy Manero

Facing Your Fears (JHMR Elevate Camp):

  1. Martina Bello

Greater Than Sum:

  1. Stephanie Schmitt

Jr. Babe (Keely’s Ski Racing Camp):

  1. Natalie Montes

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