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Monika Ziehl is running a half marathon every day in May to honor her husband, Travis, who passed away from brain cancer in February 2019. Her goal is to raise donations and awareness for brain cancer patients. Photo: Monika Ziehl

JACKSON, Wyo. — Monika Ziehl is honoring her late husband Travis Ziehl, and all of those diagnosed with brain cancer, by completing a half marathon (13.1 miles) every single day in May.

“I am doing this to raise money and awareness for individuals and families facing brain tumors and brain cancer,” Ziehl said. “I lost my husband Travis to glioblastoma brain cancer in February 2019 after his 14-month battle. I wanted to do something in his memory and pay forward some of the kindness we received during his fight.”

Travis was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in early 2018 and succumbed to the deadly disease on February 11, 2019. In his memory, Monika is running for brain tumor awareness.

All donations benefit the Michael Matters Foundation, which provides financial assistance to brain tumor patients in the amount of $2,000.00. The Michael Matters Foundation exists to help families manage incidental costs while they are focused on treatment and care. This support can help with costs such as gas, mortgage, utilities, groceries, medications, and travel expenses. MMF’s goal is to allow families to better focus on their care by easing their financial pressures.

“I’ll be fundraising for the Michael Matters Foundation. We received one of their grants while Travis was sick so I’m really looking forward to helping others in need,” explained Ziehl.

Monika’s original goal of raising $4,000 for two patients was already reached before she started running. Because of the overwhelming support, Monika is raising her goal to $13,100 to represent the 13.1 miles she will be running every day in May. You can help Monika reach her goal by donating here.

Lisa Smith-Batchen, a long time friend and running mentor, will be joining Monika for her first run on Friday, May 1. The duo will take off from the Teton Pines parking lot at 9:30 am.

All are welcome to cheer them on at their departure from the Teton Pines parking lot (from six feet apart) or along the bike path heading toward Teton Village.

Monika & Lisa would like to encourage everyone in the community to say “I’m in!” and consider a May challenge to honor not only Travis but anyone facing challenges.

To keep track of Monika’s journey, follow her Facebook page, “What You Do From Here” or on Instagram @monikaziehl.

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