Jackson man returns from overseas and is arrested on felony warrant

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Jackson Police arrested Frederick “Fritz” Jordan, 46, last Sunday on a felony warrant for probation violation.

After receiving a tip that Jordan was staying at the Super 8 Motel in town, officers from the Jackson Police Department went to his room and attempted to open the door with several key cards provided by motel management. None worked.

“He may have had the deadbolt activated, which in some motels automatically disables the electronic lock,” said Lt. Roger Schultz. “We always try to gain entry with a key because when we break a door down, we usually end up paying to have it fixed.”

After talking with Jordan for about 20 minutes, it was obvious he was not going to let the officers in. Cops decided to bust the door down with a battering ram and found Jordan laying down, trying to block the door from opening. He was arrested without further incident, served the warrant, and charged with Interference with a Police Officer and Probation Violation on a previous charge of Immoral Acts with a Child for which Jordan failed to register as a sex offender.

Jordan has a long rap sheet with local authorities. He has been arrested multiple times on drug possession and sexual assault charges. One arrest in 2005 led to a conviction and prison time for Jordan.

Since his release, Jordan has been out of country and raging against the US government on social media. According to his Facebook page, Jordan has lived in Italy, Australia, and Taiwan.

He sought repatriation on numerous occasions despite his apparent distrust of virtually everyone including the FBI, CIA, US Army, Wyoming district court judges, Wyoming Police officers, Wyoming Sheriff’s officers, Wyoming Department of Corrections agents, members of the Teton County School District #1 of Wyoming, private citizens of the State of Wyoming, the University of Utah, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and others,” according to a post Jordan made on LinkedIn in April 2016 under the headline: “Request for immediate prosecution of the United States Government.”

The bench warrant for Jordan was good only in Wyoming, meaning it would have been served only in this state.

“I don’t know why he chose to come back to Wyoming when he returned to the States,” Schultz said. “That was a mistake.”

Jordan is being kept in minimum security at the Teton County Detention Center awaiting a preliminary hearing next week. Shultz was not aware of any extra precautions being taken while Jordan is in custody. Included in his treatise on LinkedIn, Jordan claims to have been “brutally tortured, physically assaulted on numerous occasions by Wyoming government personnel and uniformed police and sheriff’s officers, falsely imprisoned, denied educational opportunities, denied employment opportunities, sexually assaulted, verbally promised by uniformed officers while in their custody that I will be tortured, raped and killed in custody and stripped of all of my basic rights and resources.”

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