JACKSON, Wyo. — Winter is off to a big start in the Tetons this year! November 2022 was tied for the snowiest November in the Tetons since 2000, and December is off to a fast start as well. This week, a relatively quiet pattern from Tuesday to Thursday will give way to a more active pattern with better snow potential from Friday through Sunday.

Recent Weather Recap

November was quite a month in Teton County. Following a four-month period from July to October which was one of the warmest such periods on record – November 2022 ended up being one of the coldest Novembers on record in the Greater Teton-Yellowstone Region.

“Official” National Weather Service temperature records in the Town of Jackson have been unreliable since about 2010. However, based on the most consistent weather station in Jackson (Hydrometeorological Automated Data System station JKNW4), November 2022 was unofficially the second coldest on record in the Town of Jackson dating back to the early 1900s.

Amazingly enough, this occurred just one year after Jackson unofficially experienced its second warmest November on record in 2021.

Temperatures in Jackson were 8.7 degrees below normal in November 2022, with an average high for the month of 30.2ºF and an average low of 8.0ºF. The temperature in Jackson also dipped below zero on nine days in November, which is quite unusual for so early in the season.

Elsewhere across the area, per National Weather Service data, Afton and Island Park both recorded their coldest Novembers on record in 2022. Alta recorded its second coldest November on record, and Moran its fifth coldest November on record.

November was not just a cold month, but it was also a snowy month. The Rendezvous Bowl Plot at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort received 92 inches of snow in November, tying November 2010 for the snowiest November since 2000 (November snowfall records at this location only go back to 2000).

Average snowfall at the Rendezvous Bowl Plot in November is 58 inches, and last year this location only received 45 inches in November.

The Town of Jackson received 20.6 inches of snow in November, which is also well above its historical average of 11.5 inches.

The first few days of December have picked up right where November left off. Through the first five days of the month, the Rendezvous Bowl Plot at JHMR has already received 27 inches of snow and the Town of Jackson has received 8.1 inches. Skiing conditions are outstanding for this early in the year.

Temperatures have continued to run below average as well. Saturday, December 4 was the coldest day of the winter so far with a high of only 6ºF in Jackson and a low of -15ºF.

Forecast for Tuesday (12/6) to Monday (12/12)

Jackson Hole is in between two storms this week (one north of the area and one south of the area) with enough residual moisture to result in some light snow shower activity on Tuesday. This activity will be terrain-driven and will favor the higher elevations and western slopes of the Tetons.

A relative lull in the pattern is then expected on Wednesday and Thursday, but cold temperatures will persist across all elevations. There will also be enough lingering moisture to result in a mix of clouds and sun and occasional flurries also can’t be ruled out.

The pattern will turn more active toward the end of the week. First, a weak storm will arrive on Friday with light snow expected at this time. A somewhat stronger storm is then projected to arrive on Saturday-Sunday with decent snow amounts possible.

Temperatures will remain on the colder side during the storms this weekend, resulting in low-density (i.e. powdery) snowfall.

On Monday, we will likely see a lull in the pattern, although a slight chance of snow will remain in the forecast for now. Temperatures will remain cold at all elevations on Monday as well.

Extended Forecast

Next week’s pattern also looks unsettled with additional storms possible, though confidence is low regarding the strength and frequency of storms. Temperatures should continue to run below average, continuing the trend from the past several weeks.

Alan Smith, Meteorologist

Town of Jackson Climatology for December 6-12:

Average High: 31

Average Low: 9

Record High: 61 (December 12, 1921)

Record Low: -40 (December 11, 1961)

Precipitation Since Oct 1st: 3.55″ (108% of average)

Town Snowfall Since Oct 1st: 33.4″

Rendezvous Bowl Snowfall Since Oct 1st: 148″

Rendezvous Bowl Snow Depth: 51″

Buckrail Meteorologist Alan Smith

Alan is a professional meteorologist who holds a degree from MSU Denver and writes weather forecasts for Buckrail. He has lived in Jackson full-time since 2015. He is currently a Meteorologist and Operations Manager for OpenSnow, which is a weather forecasting service for skiing and outdoor adventures. At OpenSnow, Alan writes forecasts for the Tetons, Pacific Northwest, British Columbia, and North America as a whole.