Inform your vote at the SPET Election Forum

JACKSON, Wyo.—Learn about all 10 SPET (Specific Purpose Excise Tax) projects and support the Jackson community at the SPET Election Forum on Wednesday, October 9. The forum will be held at the Teton County Library from 6–8 p.m.

The forum is presented by Teton County Library, League of Women Voters, Jackson Hole News and Guide, KHOL 89.1, WyoFile, and Buckrail News. Local media will ask questions to representatives of each project, with the opportunity for questions from the public. Interactive information booths will be displayed as well.

See below for a list of SPET Projects that will be discussed:

– Teton County/Jackson Recreation Center expansion and renovation, community climbing gym, King Street extension, stormwater treatment: $22 million
– Core services vehicle maintenance facility: $18.5 million
– Gregory Lane street, stormwater and sewer infrastructure and safe routes to school: $8.5 million
– Jackson Hole Fire/EMS wildland firefighting apparatus: $1.6 million
-“Road to Zero Waste” infrastructure improvements at the Teton County Recycling Center and Composting Facility: $2.5 million
– Town of Jackson downtown water quality improvement infrastructure: $2 million
– Purchase of land on Genevieve block for Jackson Hole History Society and Museum buildings: $4.4 million
– Wildlife crossings: $10 million
– Community housing opportunities: $5.5 million
– Teton County courthouse planning: $2 million

The election is on November 5, 2019. Don’t forget to get out and vote!

Welcome to SPET season. Your guide to the 2019 election

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