JACKSON, Wyo. — The median family income in Teton County rose over 6% in 2021, according to the Department of Housing and urban Development (HUD).

But for many Teton County families, it’s still not enough.

“While we are happy to see that incomes are going up, they unfortunately are not keeping pace with rental rates that, according to the Wyoming Cost of Living index, rose 12% for apartments and 14% for houses last year,” said Housing Department Director April Norton.

While the median family income rises, so too does the wealth gap. Teton County is the wealthiest county in the nation, and the most economically unequal, according to the Economic Innovation Group.

Teton County’s affordable housing program has tried to account for some of that hap. Applicants who earn less than 120% of the median family income ($118,080 for a two-person household) are eligible for affordable housing. The Workforce Program also offers housing to households who make at least 75% of their income locally.

“I hope people who are seeking housing will take time to learn about the programs that are offered through the Housing Department, Housing Trust, and Teton Habitat,” Norton said. “Between the three organizations, we are providing housing opportunities for families across the income spectrum.”

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