"Off in the Distance"

JACKSON, Wyo. – Matt Flint paints in the same way he explores the rugged landscape where he seeks his inspiration. Guided by curiosity, he embraces the process and the unknown, following his intuition on the canvas, much in the same way an adventure might unfold in the wilderness. Flint is a longtime professor at Central Wyoming College and his work will be shown this Friday at Gallery Wild in Jackson.

His pieces are multi-layered, combining oil and acrylic paint on thick, wooden panels and then adding enamels, gold or silver leaf, marble dust, liquefied wax, and Japanese ink – making it up as he goes. The moody, mixed media works often feature close-ups of wolves, bears, owls, and horses shown through layers of painted sleet and haze.

Matriarch, Fragment Series

Flint was trained as an illustrator and worked within the confines of assignments and a tightly packaged idea. This controlled structure led him to eventually look for more in his art. After working as a freelance illustrator for five years, he went to graduate school for painting.

During that time, Flint “learned through teaching as a graduate student and doing workshops that he enjoyed the interaction, and the give and take” of teaching. This spurred Flint to look for teaching jobs in the mountains following graduate school. Flint has been teaching at Central Wyoming College for a number of years in addition to working with his wife to run the Lander Bake Shop. Of his multifaceted career, Flint says “I was always taught that you should have multiple irons in the fire because one could go south at any time. I always have diverse income streams and multiple kinds of work going on at one time because that is a smart way to live life.”

Meet Matt Flint and see his work this Friday (September 13, 2019) at the Untamed Group Reception at Gallery Wild in Jackson. Flint’s work will be featured alongside other wildlife painters Carrie Wild and Patricia Griffin. The reception will run from 4 – 8 pm.