In hot water: ‘Secret’ springs at Astoria boat launch getting trashed

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Some users of a natural hot springs feature along the Snake River have been careless about their impact leading to concern that action may have to be taken by the Forest Service.

Bridger-Teton NF officials have noticed an increase in activity at the hot springs near the Astoria boat launch. In recent years a rock ring retainer has been improvised along the banks of the Snake to create a soaking pool that holds in the warmer water.

Unfortunately, the ‘secret’ of the springs has become widespread enough that the area sees moderate-to-heavy traffic in winter when the river levels are low enough to expose the feature. Along with more foot traffic is evidence of sloppy recreation.

A muddied footpath has been unnecessarily created. There is a preferred path to access the spring. Beer cans, bottles, articles of clothing, and other trash has been left behind.

River manager David Cernicek has noted the abuse of the area and hopes a Buckrail post will help convince people to act right, leave no trace, and respect the area for everyone to enjoy.

This muddy trail didn’t need to be created. Hot springs soakers have also been leaving behind trash. (David Cernicek)

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