Lodging in Jackson saw the highest occupancy rates compared to all summer last weekend. Photo: Nick Sulzer // Buckrail

JACKSON, Wyo. — Did you think town seemed a little busier last weekend? Well, if you did, you were right.

A recent Lodging Occupancy was released by the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce for the weekend of Sept. 25, and it measured lodging occupancies for the town of Jackson at 98.6%. According to the Chamber, this is the highest occupancy rate recorded so far for summer (and fall) 2020 in Jackson. The predicted occupancy rate for last weekend was 95.5%.

The Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board, in partnership with the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce and Destimetrics, has created an Occupancy Straw Poll to get real-time data on occupancy levels in the Town of Jackson. This does not include the National Parks or Teton Village.

The poll looks at occupancy for Friday and Saturday nights with the same ten “in-town” lodging properties. These are also properties that report information for the “Retail Report for All of Jackson Hole” and projects three weeks out.

The “60 Day Advance Occupancy for All of Jackson” report that comes out twice a month reflects all lodging in Teton County. To keep accurate data, the inventory for all of Jackson Hole remains equal to the prior year, but some of that inventory outside of in-town lodging is not open this summer due to COVID-19, which will reflect in lower overall occupancies vs the “In–Town Straw Poll”.

“With the Marathon that brings participants from all around the country and the regional soccer tournament among other events, it was no surprise we would be busy,” the Chamber said in the report.

Going into the weekend, occupancy was at 95.5%, indicating that there were still some last-minute bookings this past weekend. The average “On the Books” forecast is 89.1% for this coming weekend and 80.7% & 67.5% (10/9 & 10/23) for the upcoming weekends thereafter.

“We saw a busy September and October will continue to be busier than last year,” the Chamber said. “We continue to see the Town of Jackson very busy and the re-start of the bridge construction the other week on Broadway has impacted traffic, please be patient.”

Hotels are telling the Chamber that they continue to be busy during weekdays as well.