Here comes traffic…and solutions?

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – The coalition called Teton Traffic Busters—made up of Friends of Pathways, Snake River Fund, Teton Village Association, and Old Wilson Schoolhouse Community Center—released its findings from an online survey and community meeting last month.

Survey participants were asked, among other things, “What actions would you take to reduce summer traffic?”

The most popular responses were bike or walk to work and/or to run errands regularly (74%), use the Stilson park & ride (55%), and change work schedule/travel habits to avoid peak traffic (53%).

The meeting on April 18 at the Old Wilson Schoolhouse Community Center focused mainly on reducing traffic on highways 390 and 22. West Bank commuters are plagued with one of the most congested routes in the valley. Three START Bus propositions on the SPET ballot were shot down last week, making viable solutions even scarcer.

Occasionally, conversation concerning a north bridge heats up. A bridge over the Snake River north of town on Moose-Wilson Road could ease congestion, according to a study done by Fehr & Peers of Colorado during the revision of the 2012 Comp Plan. Consultants found that another bridge north of town would reduce traffic on Highway 390 by 43 percent but would increase by 24 percent traffic on Highway 26 north of Jackson.

A group formed in Jackson Hole calling itself Green Bridge Coalition is advocating for another look at a north bridge to get motorists between Teton Village and the Airport in a more efficient manner.

“We are an environmentally focused community supported by individuals, organizations and businesses that share the goal of connecting Teton Village with the Jackson Hole Airport,” reads the group’s Facebook page.

The bridge would “reduce pollution, save wildlife, and increase tourism,” the group stated.

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