JACKSON, Wyo. — The Town’s Animal Shelter is going to have its floors resurfaced and needs its animal residents to live somewhere else for a couple of weeks. 

The shelter will be closed for construction and the animals need temporary homes for the last two weeks of October. The Town is asking for residents to consider fostering a dog or cat between the 17th and 31st.

Call the Animal Shelter for more information at 307-733-2139, or fill out this form on the Town’s website to start the fostering process. The Jackson/Teton Animal Shelter is a division of Jackson’s Police Department located at 3150 Adams Canyon Drive.

The shelter provides humane care and finds homes for lost and abandoned companion animals. Shelter staff also provide education to the community about pet licensing, pet adoption, lost and found pet services and humane housing for lost, abandoned and/or unwanted animals.