JACKSON HOLE, WYO — Looking around, there is still plenty of snow yet to melt but sunny skies and temperatures well into the 40s today should be enough to convince even a hardened skeptic that spring has arrived.

Spring equinox or vernal equinox is today at 2:58pm. So, by the calendar, anyway, it really is spring today.

And various wildlife appears to believe the hype.

Grizzly bears have been observed in nearby parks waking from their hibernation. Elk are on the move to find south-facing hillside forage melting out. And the first mountain bluebird of the season has been spotted in Yellowstone.

Mountain bluebirds are one of the first migratory birds to return to Yellowstone each year. The mountain bluebird competes fiercely with other cavity-nesters for nest sites, so the sooner they get here, the better their choice of nest sites will be. They are an early harbinger of the coming of spring.

Most in the US mark the official arrival of spring by the first robin sighting. Send Buckrail your photo of the season’s first robin and we’ll make the official declaration!

UPDATE: Shortly after publishing this story Pamela Gill submitted this photo of a robin Photographed outside of Blair Place Apartments.

This courageous robin is getting a jump on spring. Photographed outside of Blair Place Apartments this morning. (Pamela Gill)