Greys River good to go for sledders, winter use

STAR VALLEY, WYO – The Bridger-Teton national Forest’s Greys River Ranger District, in partnership with the Wyoming State Trails Program, is ready for your friends and family riding excursions to celebrate the Rocky Mountain winter.

Looking down Little Greys at Long Draw. (Buck)

Contractors working on the Porcupine Landslide finished up for the season on Wednesday, (Dec 18. Grooming followed on the main Greys River Road. While sledders should be aware that snow is sparse from Kennington Flats to the slide, the rest of the road is in good shape.

Little Greys River Road and Blind Bull are both groomed as well, and the Squaw Creek Road is groomed to the top, although the Murphy side of that trail still does not have sufficient snow cover. The Smiths Fork road is also groomed and providing great access into the high country, with low snow reported only around Snyder Basin.

Also awaiting additional snowfall is the District’s groomed ski trail network on Salt Pass. This area is closed to snowmobile traffic to provide that quiet winter experience valued by snowshoers and skiers.

Winter wildlife closures exist near Forest Park and Alpine elk feedgrounds as well as the sunny hillsides near Moose Creek and on the Star Valley Front, from Grover Park to Swift Creek. Staying on the established snowmobile routes in the bottom of those drainages allows wildlife to use the drier slopes without disturbance.

For more information about winter opportunities on the district, visit the Forest Website at, or contact the Greys River Ranger District at 307-886-5300.

Looking north up Greys River. (Buck)

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