Grand Teton law enforcement will wear body cams

MOOSE, Wyo. — Grand Teton National Park police will once again wear body cameras while on duty, park officials announced today.

In a press release, the park said the reinstatement is part of an effort on behalf of the entire National Park Service to meet “professional standards of modern policing.”

“The use of body-worn cameras by our law enforcement rangers demonstrates our commitment to responsible public service and brings our Grand Teton National Park law enforcement program in line with local law enforcement agencies who are currently using body-worn cameras,” said Chief Ranger Erika Jostad.

Cameras will only be worn by commissioned law enforcement rangers, and only during law enforcement-related interactions. So, cameras will not be on during informational conversations with park visitors, the park said.

Park management discontinued the previous use of body-worn cameras by Grand Teton National Park rangers in 2018 due to significant issues with data storage and aging equipment. Modern equipment and methods of use have addressed those previous issues. The program was reinstituted on Oct. 1.

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