Governor rolling out red carpet for transporters of health supplies

JACKSON, Wyo. — Governor Mark Gordon signed an Executive Order expediting the commercial transportation of COVID-19-related supplies to communities in Wyoming and throughout the country.

Executive Order (EO) 2020-3 extends hours of service restrictions and waives size and weight permit fees if a commercial vehicle is transporting COVID-19 supplies. The EO applies to drivers transporting essential emergency relief supplies to areas affected by COVID-19, which are consistent with emergency management strategies to provide aid, comfort and security to a region.

“It’s absolutely essential that we as a state are doing all we can to make sure these critical supplies aren’t delayed in transport to areas that need them,” Gordon said. “We need to get these items where they need to go as quickly as possible.”

Commercial vehicles are still required to get a permit if they are oversize and/or overweight, but the fee will be waived. All safety measures will continue to be followed for non-divisible and divisible loads.

WYDOT Director K. Luke Reiner commented, “We are grateful to Governor Gordon for assisting these commercial carriers in getting vital supplies to communities that are in need. This executive order will ensure communities within our state and across the nation stay operational and receive their much-needed supplies.”

The EO is in line with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s emergency declaration.

Commercial carriers can obtain information on these permits at the appropriate Wyoming Highway Patrol (WHP) ports of entry. The ports can also fax or email those forms.

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