Gov. Gordon submits budget recommendations to Legislature

JACKSON, Wyo. — With the 65th Legislative Session less than a month away, Governor Mark Gordon has reached out committee members to make his desires known regarding the upcoming budget.

Gov. Gordon submitted 17 letters to the Legislature’s Joint Appropriations Committee (JAC) that reflect some of his budget priorities and requests for 2021-22. The 24-day Budget Session is scheduled to kick off February 10.

The letters include several items previously included in the Governor’s budget profile, including $25 million to establish an Energy Commercialization Program that would provide a focused, singular approach to advancing coal and carbon capture research. He has also requested $1 million to support a Coal Marketing Program that would be established through legislation sponsored by the Joint Minerals Committee; $500,000 for predator control efforts; $20 million for one-time compensation to equitably recognize all state employees; and $105 million to support local communities.

“My priority continues to be to keep ongoing spending as flat as possible and prepare for the coming fiscal storm, as the updated revenue forecast from last week did not change the outlook,” Gordon said. “Clearly fiscal restraint continues to be in order. These letters continue that approach and set up Wyoming to address some complicated matters in the next two years.”

The letters also include a recommendation that JAC approve $400,000 in on-going general funds to allow the Wyoming Department of Health to establish a state-based suicide hotline. The Governor supported the agency’s exemption request after receiving additional detail on how the hotline would be established and operated.

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