Global Ties Wyoming to host group from Kyrgyz Republic

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Global Ties Wyoming is excited to announce it will welcome a contingency from the Kyrgyz Republic (aka “Kyrgyzstan”) to Jackson Hole. The weeklong sharing of culture culminates with a one-night presentation that will feature three of the “Nomad Cowboys” that competed in Kazakhstan for the World Expo games last year.

Creed Garnick

Creed Garnick, Scotty Zimmerman, and Garret Edington will all take part in the free panel discussion on April 18 at the Jackson Hole Playhouse. They will share their experiences playing ‘Kok Boru’ in the World Expo games but more importantly, the group, along with members of the US Kokboru Federation, will talk about what it was like to train for the event while in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Scott Zimmerman

The evening will also feature documentary video clips from an upcoming movie that is being produced, as well as action footage from Sports Illustrated. Participants will also share some of their favorite photographs.

A group of eight representatives from Kyrgyz, along with three State Department liaisons, will be in Jackson April 17-23. They will attend the JH Career Fair, enjoy a luncheon with InterConnections 21, and learn all they can about engaging youth.

Nomad Cowboys (Courtesy)

The US Department of State plays a key role in emerging democracies like the Kyrgyz Republic. According to the department, engaged citizens are the lifeblood of a healthy democracy, and the survival of democratic institutions requires a next generation that is enthusiastic about civic engagement. As a young democracy, the Kyrgyz Republic has a particular need for engaged youth leaders to maintain its vibrancy in the future.

This project invites educators, activists, and politicians to explore how to support the development of young leaders and empower youth to take an active role in their society. It will involve visits to organizations that support civic engagement in the United States, meetings with US youth activists, and discussions with educators and experts currently engaged in the field.

  • Emphasize the importance of youth leaderships in all aspects of society
  • Generate ways to cultivate leadership in Kyrgyz youth
  • Determine how to get youth in the Kyrgyz Republic interested in civic engagement
  • Foster creative partnerships between Kyrgyz nonprofits, educational institutions, and government initiatives to support youth engagement

Want to host a volunteer dinner, meet the group, or just learn more? Email Rebecca.

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