Chevron Corporation - Filling station
Chevron potentially faces serious contamination clean up costs. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

WYOMING – Chevron Corporation is fielding a complaint filed by both The State of Wyoming and the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

According to an Oil City News report, a DEQ announcement shared November 22 claims Chevron to have violated the “Wyoming Environmental Quality Act involving the remediation of environmental contamination at several service stations and convenience stores in Wyoming.”

“During the time Chevron owned, leased, operated, and controlled its many service stations and convenience stores, its underground storage tanks leaked and caused environmental pollution and contamination. Chevron made claims against its insurance companies for the pollution and contamination caused by these leaking underground storage tanks in Wyoming.” But it is at this stage that insult is believed to have been added to environmental injury.

The DEQ announcement goes on to state that while Chevron settled these claims for “millions of dollars” the corporation did not use that money to clean up the contamination. “Instead, the State of Wyoming was forced to spend over $3 million to clean up the contamination at Chevron’s Wyoming facilities.”

According to DEQ released commentary, “Chevron is directly responsible under Wyoming law to reimburse the State of Wyoming for the costs expended for cleaning up the underground storage tank pollution and contamination.”

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