Game & Fish launches website to help inspire kids to get outside

JACKSON, Wyo. – How many people remember their firsts? That big trout, the weary-but-rewarding hunting trip, the sight of a bull moose wallowing. But, getting to that point can be challenging.

To help families and youth make memories in Wyoming’s outdoors, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department launched the Inspire a Kid webpage where anyone can go to find ideas and events to take part in nature and conservation.

“The website is a tool to help families realize the incredible Wyoming outdoor resources,” said Ashley Leonard, Game and Fish conservation education coordinator. “We want to give families easy plans for getting outside more often while maybe learning a new skill or discovering a different way to have fun in a familiar outdoor space.”

Families can rely on the webpage for seasonal activity ideas throughout the state that are accessible by those with all levels of outdoor experience. Activity ideas range from general inspiration to specific plans. Suggestions for November include tips on where to go for a family pheasant hunt.

Leonard said the more kids get outside, the more their natural curiosity ignites.

“When kids learn the possibilities the outdoors offer, they add those to their activity radar,” she said. So, instead of coming home from school and immediately grabbing a device or watching TV, they might choose to look for cool insects outside or go on a nature scavenger hunt.”

The webpage comes on the heels of the recent launch of the department’s Inspire a Kid initiative. Guided by Game and Fish Director Brian Nesvik, Inspire a Kid is a priority for Game and Fish to connect youth and families to Wyoming’s wildlife to build the next generation of conservationists.

“It’s simple. Inspire a kid— it’s for life,” Nesvik said.

Be sure to share your outdoor experiences on social media with the tag #inspiredbywy.

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