Game and Fish hopes to collar 25 more wolves this year

WYOMING – Wyoming Game and Fish officials announced last week they will begin capture of wolves in northwest Wyoming for monitoring purposes this month and throughout the year.

Information obtained through capture and collar efforts is used to assess the status and health of wolves in the ecosystem and provides insight into population dynamics which is critical to demonstrate the successful management of a recovered wolf population, according to the department.

Since the state took over wolf management in April 2017 after the species was removed from the Endangered Species List, WGFD has continued with a management plan that includes close study.

Large carnivore section supervisor Dan Thompson said helicopter net gunning will be the primary method used to capture wolves; however, trapping will be used in some circumstances. “Upon capture, biologists will fit individual wolves with radio collars and collect biological samples,” he said.

Areas where trapping will be conducted will have major access points marked with warning signs and area closures in the direct vicinity of trap sites.

Game and Fish is hoping to collar some 20 to 25 wolves this year. More than 50 wolves are already collared.

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