Zach Wallace. Photo: Wyoming Game and Fish Department

WYOMING — The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has selected Zach Wallace, as the new statewide nongame bird biologist.

Wallace previously served as the Biometrician for the Wyoming Natural Diversity Database at the University of Wyoming, and will guide Game and Fish conservation strategies and research on nongame bird species.

“We are looking forward to having Zach take the reins of the Game and Fish’s nongame bird program.  His previous experience working with a variety of bird species within Wyoming has provided him with a solid foundation to guide monitoring and management of nongame avian species,” said Zack Walker, Game and Fish nongame wildlife supervisor. 

Wallace arrives at Game and Fish with a background in research and coordination from leading projects on birds and other wildlife in Wyoming and across the western United States. He received his master’s degree in wildlife science from Oregon State University in 2014 where his research focused on the nesting ecology of Ferruginous Hawks and Golden Eagles in Wyoming. Wallace’s graduate research was done in close collaboration with Game and Fish.

“I’m excited to return to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department to help make a difference for nongame birds and their habitats in the state,” said Wallace.

Wallace is passionate about working collaboratively with partners and applying data to solve conservation problems for birds.

“With over 400 species of birds in the state, of which 80 are considered Species of Greatest Conservation Need, moving the needle on conservation for Wyoming’s birds requires that we collaborate widely and make the most of the information we have. I’m looking forward to continuing the excellent work of the Nongame Bird Program at finding solutions for bird management that are science-based and make sense for Wyoming,” he said.