Frozen: moratorium on ponds and berms in effect until summer

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – It’s official. Landowners can no longer apply for a permit to put in a pond or construct a berm on their property until August 8, 2018, or until the Natural Resources Update as part of new land development regulations is complete, whichever comes first.

The BCC took the emergency measure to temporarily freeze acceptance of grading permits for new construction of berms and ponds in Teton County. Concern over grading, erosion control, and stormwater management affecting the environment prompted the freeze resolution signed January 2, 2018 after the BCC issued a 90-day moratorium on ponds and berms back on October 9, 2017.

Commissioners voted in December to extend the 90-day moratorium until new regs were established. It was 3-2 decision with Paul Vogelheim and Natalia Macker opposed.

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