Friends of Pathways clear 274 trees in three days after storm

JACKSON, Wyo. — It takes more than a late summer all-in-one snow, lightning, and wind storm to stop the outdoor recreationists around Jackson.

Thanks to a two-man trail crew with Friends of Pathways (FOP) over 274 trees have been cleared in the Cache Creek trail network within three days. Mountain bikers, trail joggers, and hikers no longer have to worry about hurdling over trees blocking their paths in the area. The crew had also received help from Wilson Backcountry Sports and members of the Forest Service.

After a storm tore through Jackson on Labor Day many areas were left with fallen trees, branches, and other debris blocking trails and sidewalks.

“We figured we’d have some [trees] down so we went out on Tuesday and Wednesday to see what was down, and then took the saws out on Thursday,” FOP Trail Manager, Chris Owen, said.

Friends of Pathways operates as the community advocate for access to safe and sustainable transportation and healthy recreational options in Jackson Hole.

Photo: Friends of Pathways

“Our 2 man trail crew put in a ridiculous amount of work after the storm last week so you can get out and enjoy our local trails!” Friends of Pathways said on their Facebook page. “Riding bikes with chainsaws on their backs, they cleared 274 trees in the Cache Creek trail network in just 3 days. They will be clearing Wilson Canyon today and moving to the Teton Pass trails next.”

Riding a mountain bike with a gas and a chainsaw can be quite the effort, especially when it requires a stop every time there’s a downed tree. Though, for Chris Owen, it’s just another way to do what he loves.

“Really it’s just an excuse to get out there and ride bikes,” Owen said. “We try to split up the gas and the saws between the two of us.”

The crew still has plans to clear trees on the trail up to Ski Lake and areas around Philips Ridge.

If you enjoy hiking and biking on Jackson’s local trails you can make a donation through Old Bill’s Fun Run to support the work Friends of Pathways organizes.

“And if you see Chris Owen or Mike Piker out on the trails be sure to give them a virtual high-five!” FOP said. “Also a big shout out to Harlan at Teton Freedom Riders and Tim and Randy and the USFS for clearing up Lithium and then down Blacks. One team one dream out there!”

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