JACKSON, WY— Overwhelmed by the storm that just hit Jackson? Don’t want to spend half your day shoveling snow?

Snow removal doesn’t need to be stressful. Just ask the guys at Teton Rental who participated in Jackson’s first ever snow blower derby…for the win!

Teton Rental is your one-stop shop for winter equipment needs. Snow removal is a whole lot less stressful with their selection of Toro, Husqvarna, and Honda snowblowers.

Teton Rentals most popular models for each brand are:

Husqvarna ST227P $999.99

For those that live in Town, Melody ranch, or Rafter J this is the perfect blower for you.

Toro PowerMax 1028 $1,700.00

Houses out it Wilson, John Dodge, and out by the Airport will be impressed by this blower’s power.

Honda HSS928AAT $2,710.00

Those out at Teton Village, Red Top Meadows, and out in Moran won’t be disappointed with this blower.

Of course, don’t forget that Teton Rental is also the full-warranty service center for snowblowers. And when you buy from Teton Rental, you get the satisfaction of knowing they are there to repair it if anything goes wrong.

Need to shovel your driveway instead? Teton Rental’s AM Leonard Snow shovels come with a lifetime warranty.

From gas to human-powered snow removal, Teton Rental has it all. Stop by their storefront at 1055 US-89, or visit their website for more information.