First case of COVID-19 in Teton County, Idaho

TETON COUNTY, Ida. — The first positive test of COVID-19 in Teton County, Idaho was confirmed tonight in a press conference with East Idaho Public Health (EIPH) and Teton Valley Health. The press conference was live-streamed on Facebook by Teton Valley News.

The sick person is a woman under the age of 60 who had close contact with a confirmed positive carrier in another state. East Idaho Public Health would not identify which neighboring state.

“The risk to Idahoans still remains low at this time,” said EIPH Director Geri Rackow. “There is no indication of community spread.”

The woman is experiencing mild symptoms that do not require hospitalization. She contacted her health care provider as soon as she was aware of her contact with an infected person, was tested Thursday afternoon, and remained home while she awaited test results. Her result was a “presumptive positive,” which is still considered a case.

Teton Valley Health has sent five tests to the state. This is the only presumptive positive.

Rackow said EPHS does not recommend that the school district close at this point.

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