Helitack crew members unloading equipment backhauled from the fire. Photo: Courtesy of U.S.F.S.

KEMMERER, Wyo. — Ahead of this week’s forecasted monsoon rainfall, the U.S. Forest Service (U.S.F.S.) announced that forest firefighters under Wyoming Type 3 Team 2 were successful in limiting the footprint of the Shale Creek Fire in Bridger-Teton National Forest (BTNF).

Tomorrow, a BTNF Type 4 team will assume command of the area.

The fire has been burning at the head of the Shale Creek drainage since Friday, July 16 and was reported to be 10% contained last Thursday. This fire has been suppressed due to local conditions and the national situation. In its current perimeter, it will still benefit game and grazing habitat.

Most remaining crews will be released on Tuesday, July 27. They are expected to be reassigned nationwide to areas with critical fire needs. Beginning Wednesday, July 28, a wildland fire module from BTNF and a helitack crew will be on the fire.

Fire perimeter as of the evening July 26, 2021. Photo: Courtesy of U.S.F.S.

In a Facebook post today, the U.S.F.S. highlighted the outpouring of generosity they have received from the community as first responders continue to fight fires nationwide.

“Community response has been overwhelmingly positive during the last week and a half. Locals welcomed firefighters with free lemonade and iced tea and donations of bottled water,” said the U.S.F.S.

Kemmerer District Ranger Adriene Holcomb also lauded their success.

“Despite working in conditions with very high fire danger, the coordinated efforts of firefighters and this incident management team were able to keep spread to a minimum,” said Holcomb, “Both firefighters and the Kemmerer Ranger District appreciate the outpouring of community support during this fire.”

Additionally, the U.S.F.S. reminded the public that even with a precipitation forecast through the rest of the week, whether as such does not translate into the end of fire season.

The Bridger-Teton National Forest is still under Stage 1 fire restrictions. The fire closure order will remain in effect as firefighters continue to assess and suppress activity inside the fire perimeter and rehab areas affected by firefighting efforts.


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