Fall Creek Road cattle guard work means no trailers beyond 8.5 miles


UPDATE (June 13): Fall Creek Road detour: Work continues on Fall Creek Road. No trailers are allowed beyond 8.5 miles south on Fall Creek until June 21, 2018.

Teton County Road & Levee is performing work on several cattleguards throughout the month of June.

The schedule is weather-dependent, but is tentatively planned as follows:

  • Fall Creek Road: Between Monday, June, 4, 2018, and Friday June 22, 2018, three of the four cattleguards on Fall Creek Road will be replaced (one will be removed and paved over)
  • Ski Hill Road: Following the completion of work on Fall Creek Road, one cattleguard on Ski Hill Road by Teton Canyon will be replaced

The county is hoping to have all work completed by Friday, June 29.


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