JACKSON, Wyo. — The Teton County Fairgrounds received approval for another four years, extending the current lease to 2030.

The Jackson Town Council voted unanimously on Monday to approve Teton County’s lease of the fairgrounds.

The county proposed both a five-year lease and a four-year lease extension but the council opted for the four-year extension because the rodeo concession agreements have historically been four-year contracts. The current agreement with Jackson Hole Rodeo expires Dec. 31, 2026.

The Jackson Hole Rodeo currently holds the concessioner’s lease. Photo: Nick Sulzer // Buckrail

At the special Joint Information Meeting on SPET that was held on May 10, the council and commission both voted unanimously to remove the county’s proposed $40 million SPET initiative to move the fairgrounds and events complex “in anticipation of a lease extension being granted,” according to the staff report.

Fair board Chairman Zach Vosika read a letter on behalf of the fair board during the meeting, noting he wished the board had presented the letter prior to the SPET item vote.

Vosika said the board supports the relocation of the fairgrounds and event complex, citing that the current space and facilities are not large enough to hold a variety of events.

“While that request [a lease extension], if granted secures the future of current programs for the near term, we respectfully urge you to consider the long-term vision for the fairgrounds and event complex,” Vosika said.

“The fairgrounds currently operate on 12.35 acres of land, the Fair Board has extreme difficulty planning the fair within the current footprint and more space would allow for increased opportunities,” Vosika said.

The fairgrounds are home to the rodeo and the annual Teton County Fair which includes a number of events each summer. Photo: Nick Sulzer // Buckrail

Blair Maus spoke on behalf of “Save the Fairgrounds.”

Maus said, “Anytime the town has a need, they take it from the fairgrounds.” She stated the property was originally 26 acres but has shrunk over the years to the current 12.35 acres.

Maus discussed a “improve what we have” approach rather than relocation and said the group wants to work with the town and fair board.

Council members agreed that the discussion about the future of the fairgrounds needs to continue.

“I think its critically important for us to explore in an open and honest way, what the future of the fairgrounds does in fact look like,” Council member Jim Rooks said.

Lindsay Vallen is a Community News Reporter covering a little bit of everything; with an interest in politics, wildlife, and amplifying community voices. Originally from the east coast, Lindsay has called Wilson, Wyoming home since 2017. In her free time, she enjoys snowboarding, hiking, cooking, and completing the Jackson Hole Daily crosswords.