Facebook group created to help Teton County residents in time of need

Note: Teton County Public Health and the Community Foundation are developing approved volunteer channels to keep the community safe and help curtail the spread of COVID-19. This article has been updated to eliminate volunteer examples that may actually put people at risk. 

JACKSON, Wyo. — Looking for ways to help the community? A local Facebook group has been created to assist Teton County residents who may be struggling with recent health orders and business closures regarding COVID-19 concerns.

The group “Teton County CAREmongering” was created by Jackson local, Augusta Friendsmith, and already has close to 300 members offering assistance.

“I started the group because I know so many people in our community want to be able to help their neighbors in this time of crisis, but may not know where to look.” Friendsmith said. “I also wanted to bring people (virtually) together in a constructive manner to inspire collaboration and selflessness. ”

So far members of the group have offered help in various forms. There are offers for free online STEM tutoring, and playing music outside through open windows at Legacy Lodge assisted living.

“I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and generosity that the group has already garnered,” Friendsmith said. “We are so fortunate to live in this community.”

Friendsmith also mentioned the future of her Facebook group after COVID-19 concerns fade into the past.

“I would love to keep the group active post-COVID-19 — may it be sooner rather than later — to keep our spirit of resilience active. We have so many amazing non-profit organizations that serve our community and the silver lining during our shutdown may be that we see a surge in volunteerism. Let’s take that momentum and run with it!”

For those seeking or offering help in the ever-changing future amid the COVID-19 outbreak, click here to go to the Facebook page.

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