Environmental project near Dubois will help fish passage

WYOMING – Wyoming Game and Fish will begin work on a project in the Upper East Fork area of Dubois that will enhance fish passage and road access in the Alkali Creek area.

Alkali Creek improvement area. (WGFD)

Construction will begin after July 4 on the East Fork Road, about 17 miles from the junction with Hwy 26. The road will remain open during construction, but will be reduced to one lane and may be tight for vehicles hauling large trailers.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department in cooperation with Wyoming Wildlife Natural Resources Trust, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Water for Wildlife, and Fremont County Transportation are working together to fund the work this summer. The project will improve access to public land, increase road safety and longevity, allow for better stream function, and improve fish passage in spawning habitat for a genetically pure population of Yellowstone cutthroat trout.

“This project will have a huge impact on the area. For the fish alone, once the project is complete, approximately four to six miles of seasonal and spawning habitat will be reconnected,” says Nick Scribner, fish passage coordinator. “Installing a longer culvert and a rock weir will widen the road crossing, reducing slope on the roadway and will accommodate flood events better. This road often gets overtopped by water during spring thunderstorms. We should be able to prevent that in the future and maintain a naturally functioning channel.”

Construction is expected to be completed by August 15.

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